When a house has a vibrant coat of exterior paint, it stands out among other homes in the community. As professional painters in Colorado Springs, we know the value that fresh paint adds to a home

If you need guidelines for painting your house, we can help.

The Best Times to Hire Paint Contractors in Colorado Springs 

During key situations, you’ll benefit from setting up an appointment for exterior painting services

You should hire exterior paint contractors in Colorado Springs:

  • When your home has noticeable damage: If the paint on your home is bubbling, cracking, or peeling, the exterior will require a new coat of paint. There are two reasons why this happens. All paint will break down if someone applied the coats incorrectly, and a low-quality paint will peel or crack if it’s exposed to heat, wind, or heat.
  • Before you sell your home: If you’re going to sell a very old home, you should update its exterior paint first because a fresh coat will attract more buyers. It will also help a buyer save money on cosmetic updates down the road.
  • When the paint fades: A faded coat of paint is like a faded pair of jeans except whereas faded jeans stand out in a good way, faded paint doesn’t. To spot faded paint, you must learn how to identify different shades on a color spectrum. You could also take a picture of your house after it gets a fresh coat of paint. Throughout the years, hold this picture against your home’s exterior. If the color of your home is less vibrant than the paint in the photo, it’s time to get a fresh coat.
  • When the caulk cracks: Caulk is a form of paint that prevents water damage. If your home’s caulk is crumbled or cracked, it will need a new application.
  • When the siding shrinks: The weather will gradually change your home’s exterior over time. Basically, some slabs of wood and sections of the trimming around your home will shrink. If this happens to your siding, the exterior paint will be at risk. This is why it’s best to repaint your home whenever the elements cause shrinkage.

About Our Exterior Painting Services 

If your house needs a new coat of paint, consider trying our exterior painting services. Our contractors paint houses in:

  • Woodland Park
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  • Manitou Springs
  • Security-Widefield
  • Falcon
  • Monument
  • Colorado Springs

At AB Painting & Drywall, we use premium durable paints during all jobs, so you’ll appreciate the results. 

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