Exterior Painting Colorado Springs

The weather in Colorado can be brutal. At this altitude, the sun’s UV rays are especially damaging. The winter weather, with snow, ice, and strong winds, can do a great deal of damage to your home’s exterior. It is especially important to renew your home’s exterior painting to prevent damage to underlying materials and to keep your home looking good.

Great Prep Work Makes for a Great Exterior Painting

exterior painting colorado springs
  • Repair or replace all damaged, warped, or missing sections of siding or eaves.
  • Power wash and scrape all peeling, loose paint.
  • Apply primer paint as needed to exposed surfaces.
  • Caulk and reseal all windows, doors, and joints.
  • Mask all windows, doors, decks, lights, and other fixtures.

At AB Painting & Drywall, we use only top-quality paints and materials. We guarantee that you get a quality paint job that will protect and beautify your home for years.

colorado springs exterior house painting

Some Great Reasons For Exterior Painting

The altitude here destroys exterior paint. It’s true that the altitude in Colorado Springs (6,000 feet above sea level) provides less atmospheric protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. In turn, those UV rays essentially destroy most paint in a matter of time – months to years.

Exterior painting definitely experienced decay and needs to be re-coated on a regular basis.

Increase Your Home’s Value

Exterior painting can increase your home’s value!  In real estate sales, “curb appeal” can be a huge factor in the “sale-ability” of your home. Deteriorated exterior paint will detract from a sales price and can limit the number of buyers interested in your home.

If you’re putting your home up for sale soon, why not spruce its appearance up with a fresh, new coat of paint from AB Painting And Drywall?

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