Hiring a Professional Will Save Time

The idea of a weekend DIY project to paint your home may be tempting because you think you can do it cheaper and faster than hiring someone else to do it. However, there is value to the concept of leaving the job to the professionals. Unless you are a professional painter, that weekend project might turn into a weeklong project, and you are taking days off work to finish it.

Professional Painter Colorado SpringsHiring a Professional Is Cost-Effective

Having a professional company paint your house is great because you know the quality of work you are getting. You also know you’re getting what you paid for. If you did the job yourself, you would have to purchase the paint and other supplies. Add in the cost of taking time off from work, and you have not saved much money if any. If you hire a handyperson, you’ll still have to buy the supplies, plus pay them to do the work.

Professional Painters Have All the Right Equipment

As one of the professional painting companies in Colorado Springs, AB Painting and Drywall has all the right equipment to do the job. We will ensure our painters use the right type of paint in the right locations. We have ladders and other equipment to paint those hard-to-reach places that you would have to rent the equipment to reach. We also have the equipment to protect your home and property while we paint.


As a professional painting company, we have experience in painting all types of surfaces. Our painters know how to properly prep the walls before they paint so that once they start, the job will go smoothly. We have numerous references from people who own properties we have painted in the past. Our painters have training in the latest painting techniques and will ensure the job is to your satisfaction.


Choosing a licensed company like us is important because it means we have the right insurance. We also have trained professionals doing the job. You can rest easy knowing that we will do the job well. If we damage any property while painting, you don’t have to worry because our insurance will cover it.

Most of all, when you use a professional company like ours, you will get a professional product. Often, DIY projects don’t always turn out as polished as a professional job. Although a handyperson might do a good job, they are not always as experienced and may not have the proper license.

At AB Painting and Drywall, we are a licensed company with experienced painters. We use only quality paint and materials and guarantee the quality of our work. When you need to hire professional painters in Colorado Springs, contact us or call us today for a free estimate at (719) 761-8532.