If you’ve ever shopped around for a home in Colorado Springs, you know that first impressions are everything and a beautiful exterior paint job can give any Colorado Springs home major first impression points in a buyer’s eye. You want potential buyers to fall in love with your home as soon as they pull up. 

Learn how a fresh coat of paint can raise the entire value of your Colorado Springs home.

How much can an exterior paint job increase the value of your home?

Exterior Paint Services in Colorado SpringsCurb appeal is extremely important and can tremendously increase the value of your home. In fact, according to a 2019 study, the estimated ROI for an exterior paint job is said to be 51%!

However, to get the best ROI on your property investment, it’s important to keep in mind what colors are popular for your area, the neighborhood your Colorado Springs house is in. Also, when you’re choosing an exterior paint color, make sure it is not an overly bold color scheme.

If the house is too different from those around it, it can actually lower your ROI. As opposed to a house that is painted within the neighborhood color schemes. Matching your neighbors color schemes will help sell your home quickly and will entice potential buyers because your house (their potentially new house) looks like it belongs where it is.

Although overall home paint jobs are important, don’t forget the smaller exterior paint jobs! For example, painting your door to a color that matches your house adds curb appeal that can increase your home’s value by more than $6,000. 

Exterior Paint & Maintenance in Colorado Springs 

Painting isn’t only about how good your Colorado Springs house looks, it’s also about maintenance. 

By deciding to paint the exterior of your home, you can prevent moisture from entering the building materials that will keep mold and mildew out of your Colorado Springs home. 

A good coat of paint lets prospective buyers know they will not have to do any exterior paint projects for the foreseeable future and that the house is well maintained.

Don’t Forget the Inside of Your Home

Exterior paint jobs will add value to your Colorado Springs home, and it will entice people to tour the inside, but don’t let the interior be a letdown.

According to a Consumer Reports National Research Center survey, painting interior rooms of your home can increase your home’s value by 1-3%. 

Painting the interior of your home in neutral colors can freshen up any space and make it easier for prospective buyers to imagine themselves in it, making it easier to sell your Colorado Springs home.

 Worried that some of your finishes may look outdated? Old cabinets can be updated and brought back to life with a simple coat of paint.  

Hiring A Professional in Colorado Springs

Painting the exterior of your home is a great way to increase the value of your Colorado Springs home at a relatively affordable price.

AB Painting & Drywall has worked on many exterior painting jobs for homes in the Colorado Springs area. Just like you wouldn’t go to an interview without putting the time in to get ready, don’t wait, put your house on the market with its best foot forward. 

Get started on your exterior paint job in Colorado Springs, contact us today!