Deck Refinishing Services in Colorado Springs

A well-maintained deck can be a highlight of any Colorado Springs home. It offers a cozy and safe outdoor space for guests and family members alike and is particularly fantastic during warm weather when days spent grilling outdoors is the main goal. Unfortunately, decks don’t always hold up to the wear and tear of Colorado Springs weather. Because the altitude is so high here, we’re much more susceptible to the sun’s UV rays than other areas of the country. As a result, we need to pay particular attention to the state of outdoor decks and make sure to refinish and stain them properly when the time comes. 

Deck Services Colorado SpringsWhy does a deck need to be refinished?

Decks are subject to the elements of Colorado Springs every day, and whether it’s cold or warm, the weather has an impact upon the state of your deck. You might notice that the wood on your deck is looking a bit “faded”, for example, which is likely the result of many days sitting under the sun. Or perhaps you’re noticing rough patches and have even gotten a splinter or two walking across the deck. These are just a few of the problems that deck owners can run into when their decks need to be refinished. It’s a good idea to have your deck refinished every few years (sooner if needed) to make sure that it remains strong and solid. 

What is the refinishing & staining process like for a deck?

There are a few different steps in the refinishing process, and the exact steps that your deck will need depends upon the issues you’re seeing in your deck. First, you’ll need to have an inspection done to ensure the safety of the deck and to identify problem areas that need to be addressed. Should there be any structural issues found during the inspection, these will be repaired first. 

Once the structural integrity of the deck is secured, it’s time to give it a thorough cleaning. This can include power washing to really get rid of built-up debris that tends to accumulate over the course of time. This part is particularly important – the last thing you want is to have dirt or other things trapped underneath a new  paint or stain job. 

After the deck has been cleaned, sanding down any rough areas is the next step. Finally, the sealing and staining process will be used to complete the deck refinish. A good weather seal can help significantly extend the life of your deck and protect it from even the most terrible of Colorado Springs weather. 

Do I really need to hire a professional to Refinishing and Stain my deck?

Don’t try to DIY this – not only is your safety important, but the materials you’ll need to buy to stain and refinish your deck can be quite expensive all on their own. If you run into problems and need to hire a professional to fix them, you’re going to be out a significant amount of money when all is said and done.

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