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What Is Popcorn Ceiling?

This is a unique type of texture that was commonly used in houses that were built during the 1970s and 1980s. This particular style of texture has rough, small “bumps” covering the whole ceiling.

popcorn ceiling

It was used originally for creating an additional sound barrier in a ceiling. Older houses did not have the same amount of noise reduction design that newer houses do. Therefore, little tricks were created to help to reduce the noise in multi-story houses. At that time, this practice became so commonplace that is appeared in almost all styles of homes.

Modern homes now have significantly improved sound reduction that is built into the drywall features and insulation so popcorn ceilings are not needed.

Although popcorn ceilings were trendy in the past, you rarely see them in modern houses. These days, people who have popcorn ceilings tend to want to have them repaired and removed.

Why Would You Want Popcorn Ceiling Removal?

There are many reasons why you might want to have a popcorn ceiling removal.

First of all, they are not the current style featured in modern houses. It is also not very attractive.

Like with any type of old ceiling, there is a higher chance that it will show signs of aging. Popcorn ceilings have a tendency to show their age by yellowing and the bumps looking damaged. That can result in your needing repairs to your ceiling.

If you are planning to sell your house in the future, this type of ceiling can be a big turn-off for prospective buyers. Removing old popcorn ceilings can give your house a more modern, clean, and updated look. That will make it easier to sell your house at a good price.

Removing A Popcorn Ceiling

It can be very hard to remove a popcorn ceiling on your own. Removing a popcorn ceiling is a specialty service that AB Painting and Drywall offers. If you are wanting to repaint a room that has popcorn ceilings, or would just like to remove the ceilings from your house, we are here to help you!

When you need to have affordable Colorado Springs popcorn ceiling removal – don’t look any further. Our team at AB Painting And Drywall is fully dedicated to providing you with the finest ceiling modernization in all of Colorado Springs. Plus, we can repair any damage to your ceiling and paint it!

Don’t allow your house to continue to be ruled by popcorn ceilings. Have your ceilings remodeled with a bit of assistance from a local professional popcorn ceiling removal expert – that’s us!.

After a professional removal company has removed your popcorn ceilings, they will be ready for either smooth surface or texture preparation.

Selecting A New Texture Finish For Your Ceiling

Customers often have a hard time choosing which one they want. However, our recommendation is to use a lightly textured finish on your ceilings. The benefits that it offers it that it blends well whether your walls are textured or not, it helps to open your space up and makes the room look larger. It is also very clean and modern looking, particularly in an older house.

Complicating Factors

Other factors include whether the popcorn ceilings are painted, whether they contain any asbestos and whether you have any repairs that need to be done after removal. Colorado Springs asbestos popcorn ceiling removal is expensive and only an abatement contractor should be performed.

If you think that your popcorn ceilings might have asbestos in it, then you should have your ceiling looked at by a professional. Fortunately, most popcorn ceilings do not contain asbestos.

Usually, the process of removing and painting a popcorn ceiling involves the following:

  • Remove the fixtures, light switches, and furniture from the room
  • Cover the flooring and walls with heavy-duty plastic
  • Spray the surface using a small amount of water to help the popcorn ceiling scrape away easily
  • Skim coat any damaged areas before sanding to ensure a properly prepared and smooth surface for painting
  • Applying a fresh paint primer coat and then your choice of paint color.

Are You Ready For Your Ceilings To Be Modernized With Popcorn Ceiling Removal?

Would you like to update the interior of your home in Colorado Springs with professional removal of your popcorn ceilings? It is easy, fast, and simple to get an estimate on your popcorn ceiling removal project. Click here to contact us for a free quote, or call us to discuss your project.

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