As one of the top painting companies in Colorado Springs, AB Painting & Drywall is often called to repaint rooms that were the result of a DIY effort.

Painting a wall seems like it should be a simple task, but our team of painters in Colorado Springs can tell you it takes time and effort to do it right.

If you are thinking about taking on a DIY painting project, try to avoid some of these common mistakes.

1. Buying the Wrong Paint

If you do not start with the right paint, you will not get the results you desire. In addition to color, you want to think about the type of finish. High-gloss and semigloss finishes are easier to clean, so they are often best in high-traffic areas. Otherwise, you will soon see unsightly dirt marks and smudges on your newly painted walls.

Another paint-related issue is failing to use primer when painting over a darker color. Unless you start with a clean slate, the color underneath your coat can change the hue when your paint dries. You will end up spending more time with extra coats as well as needing to purchase more paint.

DIY Painting Mistakes Colorado Springs2. Not Preparing

Some of the most common DIY issues stem from a failure to prepare the space. As professional interior painters in Colorado Springs, we know it takes a little time to get things ready for the best results. 

You will want to remove any furniture and place drop cloths to protect your belongings. Applying painter’s tape will protect your fixtures and molding. A fresh coat of paint will not cover up unsightly marks in the wall. 

You should prepare the surface with filler or caulk for: 

  • Nail holes
  • Gouges
  • Molding gaps
  • Cracks

3. Painting Without a Plan

DIY painters see a big, open wall and want to get started right away. This approach may feel right at the beginning when you can paint with broad strokes. However, you may discover that you have made your life more complicated. It can be difficult to lean in and do precise edgework when the nearby paint is still wet. Working from the top down will give you an even coat and prevent drips.

4. Working With Impatient Painters

With a single painter, it is a challenge to get a room done in a weekend. The desire to finish the job quickly can lead DIY painters to cut corners. They may try to start a second coat while the first coat is still drying. We find that rushing through the job adds more time to it. You are more likely to touch wet paint and spread it to molding or other areas that will require a touch-up. Let your first coat dry completely before you start the next or remove painter’s tape.

Partner With the Colorado Springs Painting Professionals

While a fresh coat of paint is a job many homeowners can handle, the best results require a professional touch. 

When you work with one of the top painting companies in Colorado Springs, we will do the hard labor, and you can enjoy the results. Contact us today for a free estimate.