If you want to update your kitchen but don’t have thousands of dollars to pay a professional remodeling contractor, consider painting your kitchen cabinets.

A DIY cabinet painting project is one of the least expensive ways to revitalize an outdated kitchen. When you finish, you’ll marvel at how good it looks and feel proud knowing you did it yourself.

We have four tips to help make sure your DIY cabinet painting project turns out picture perfect.

Tips to Paint Cabinets Colorado Springs1. Remove the Doors and Drawers

You can use painter’s tape to protect the adjoining surfaces and leave the cabinets in place when you paint them. However, removing the cabinets will help ensure a more professional finish. Numbering the doors and drawers before you remove them will help you reinstall them in the correct space.

Use a screwdriver or electric drill. Unscrew the lower hinges first, so there is less stress on the door when removing it. If not, the door could fall away from the frame, causing it to break or the hinges to bend.

2. Make Sure the Cabinets Are Clean

After you remove the cabinets, clean them with mild soap and water. If necessary, use some wood filling or caulking to fill any holes or gouging. Once the cabinets are clean, sand them to take off the old finish.

Sanding the cabinets will also help the paint stick better. Instead of sanding the cabinets, you can use a commercial deglosser.

3. Apply an Initial Primer Coat

Once the cabinets are clean, paint them with a primer first. Make sure you use a primer that is compatible with the type of paint you’re using. Paint in the direction of the grain.

Apply the paint to the back of the cabinet door first. That way, any nicks or mistakes will not be visible on the front when you turn the doors over. Clean any paint buildup along the edges with your paintbrush or a small sponge brush.

4. Finish With the Selected Final Coat

Apply the final coat of paint in your chosen color. Select a paint that works best on cabinets and other woodwork, such as gloss or satin sheen. Gloss is easy to keep clean, but it also shows imperfections easily.

If you use a paintbrush to paint the cabinets, apply the final topcoat using a small mini paint roller to ensure a smooth finish. Most cabinet painting projects will require at least one coat of primer and two coats of paint. 

Professional Kitchen Cabinet Painters Colorado Springs

If you want to paint your kitchen cabinets but don’t have time to do it yourself, we’ve got you covered. 

Our kitchen cabinet painting services can help pump life back into the heart of your home. For the services of one of the best painting companies in Colorado Springs, contact AB Painting and Drywall today.