2023 started in full swing for those in the paint color industry, and it’s the year for you to reinvent your home. An excellent way to start is updating your décor with fresh paint colors. Whether you desire to make a bold statement or add a touch of color, there’s something for you in our roundup of the 2023 hottest paint color trends.

Dutch Boy Paint Brand

Dutch Boy, the American paint brand famous for its traditional and fun colors will be big in 2023. Their 2023 top interior paint colors are all about creating a comfy and alluring atmosphere. First on the list is ‘Taupe Candle,’ a grayish shade with light green hues that blends well with dark and light shades.

Dutch Boy’s Creamy Beige is a mixture of cream and beige that paints the picture of a fresh and neutral wall. The ideal family room, bedroom, or hallway needs a white-washed feel without an overpowering color scheme. Dutch Boy’s Creamy Beige can be paired with any other color to create an airy and inviting atmosphere.

Cocoa Delight, a deep, opulent shade, is the 2023 color for you if you want a sophisticated touch and a welcoming atmosphere. You can grab the Lavender Meadow shade to add a touch of spring and a romantic atmosphere to your home. AB Painting and Drywall can complete your residential painting project this year. Work with one of our professionals to identify the color shades at the peak of 2023 paint design trends.

Wheat Field Neutrals

If all you crave is something a little more subtle, then the Wheat Field Neutrals are precisely what you’re missing. These shades are famous for their bold, beautiful, and downright colorful looks. Wheat Field is a must-try paint shade this summer to go with your sunniest days and most relaxing holiday plans.

The color adds a little fun to your outdoor space without being too loud or attracting unwanted attention. Besides, it’s easy on the eyes and won’t strain you when you stare at it daily. The top color shades to go for this year are sandstone, mushroom, and eggshell shades, all of which are sure to give your room a romantic and cozy atmosphere while generating a sophisticated touch.

Deep Reds

If you’re looking for a bolder choice, then deep reds are perfect. Deep red paint colors create a mood of strength, power, and domination. They are often seen in the palettes of Western armies and feature bold hues like indigo blue or violet purple that contrast with the natural browns and yellows of the landscape.

Deep reds are historically linked to alertness, aggression, efficiency, and physicality. The modern-day deep reds are a bit subtle and muted compared to the brighter reds of the 1990s. However, artists in 2023 are likely to take the brightness and sophistication of deep reds a notch higher.

Some deep red paint color trends of 2023 are terracotta, crimson, burgundy, and wine. You can pair your deep reds with charcoal, black ochre, and olive green to create engaging, ethnic patterns in your interiors. Deep red interior paint colors for living spaces, bedrooms, and walls make your interior spaces comfortable and relaxed.

Ink Blue

Ink Blue paint colors are going to become great color trends of 2023. In the painter’s palette, blue paint is a mix of Ultramarine and Cobalt Blue. The two blue hues create deep blue tones perfect for creating warmth in a minimalist and classic way.

Ink blue is expected to become more intense and richer in 2023, alongside being among the most famous paint colors. Good enough, Ink blue pairs well with other shades, including Peach Pink, Grey, and Brown. Its superb blending qualities will allow it to seamlessly blend with other painted surfaces, thanks to its well-balanced hue of blue and violet tones.

This relaxed and calming shade pairs well with light and dark shades, making it the ideal shade for adding drama and energy to your rooms. Paint your commercial and residential spaces with perfect ink blue hues mixed and applied by talented artists from leading painting companies for better, long-standing results.

Now that you know the paint colors that will trend in 2023, it’s time to hire the best painter to give your home a refresh for the new year. Consider hiring a painting service such as AB Painting and Drywall with the training and qualifications to mix and create trendy and inviting shades from naturally available paint hues. Hire painters who have insured their services and have trained personnel who understand all relevant safety precautions. Let’s chat!