Picking the perfect color is only one aspect of choosing a paint color. Selecting the color blue is just the first step in finding the right paint. You then must select the shade of blue for your wall. But have you ever considered selecting the paint finish? This step is often forgotten. Picking the wrong paint finish could result in a costly redo.

You need an appropriate paint sheen to produce a polished, long-lasting result. The sheen of the paint reveals how glossy the composition is and how much light the paint reflects. Remember, different sheens will produce different results in a room depending on various factors.

Ensure you have the appropriate finish diving too far into your paint project. Here are some prevalent paint finishes for wall applications and the advantages of getting the perfect finishes for every type of room.

Types of Paint Finishes

Many different paint finishes are available, from a matte finish to a highly reflective high-gloss finish. Although there is not a clear rule book, we do have some thoughts on what finishes work well in certain themes and areas of a home. The many paint finishes include:

1. High-Gloss

Of all paint finishes, high-gloss finishes are the shiniest. They are incredibly strong and light-reflective, making them the most resilient and easiest to clean of all paint sheens. They are popular, particularly in formal and modern settings. The finish is popular on cabinets, doors, window trims, and furniture because greasy fingers will touch them.

However, careful preparation is important before painting with high-gloss paints because this finish will accentuate any surface flaws. High gloss is excessively shiny for interior walls, which displays every lump and curve, so don’t cut corners on preparation.

2. Flat

Flat paint has the lowest gloss possible. Also referred to as the concealer of interior paints, flat paint has more pigments and offers more even coverage than higher gloss finishes. They have a nearly powdery appearance which doesn’t reflect light hence very little to no shine. It is perfect for uneven, imperfect surfaces and works well to conceal the many lumps and ridges that you could discover along aged interior walls.

Flat paints, on the other hand, are particularly unforgiving of stains and markings. They are the least resilient and don’t hold up to washing and cleaning as well. In fact, if you attempt to remove little blemishes or dings without being delicate, you can scrub away some of the paint. It’s best suited for regions like walls and ceilings in spaces with little activity and lots of natural light, like a library or guest bedroom.


The eggshell paint finish is called this because it is matte and ultra-smooth. It rarely shines due to its faint shimmer when the light touches it. You can understand how this finish earned its name if you visualize an actual eggshell. It has a smooth sheen that beautifully casts colors and is neither flat nor shiny.

paint sheen

Many different types of rooms, even those appropriate for flat or matte paint sheen, can use eggshell sheen. Given that eggshell is a medium-durability finish with a little hint of gloss, you can still clean it as long as you wipe it down with a moist cloth rather than vigorously washing it.

In houses with children, eggshell finishes are a very popular choice for walls because they combine good washability with the capacity to conceal defects. It is also perfect for walls, especially in frequently used areas like hallways, kitchens, and bathrooms that get a lot of activity.

However, it would be best if you exercise caution while utilizing eggshell as one of your bathroom paint ideas because it may peel when exposed to dampness and humidity. Acrylic eggshell can be used in bathrooms instead because they contain a hard acrylic resin that repels moisture.

4. Satin

In comparison to eggshell, satin finish paint has a slightly more glossy appearance. A slight amount of light reflects off a satin finish, making the texture more noticeable. It’s perfect for a lot of traffic locations, like kitchens, kids’ rooms, and restrooms. It is also suitable for doors, trims, and cabinets. Satin sheen also has the advantage of being relatively resistant to stains, grime, and mildew. Its major drawback is that it makes application errors like roller or brush strokes visible.

5. Semi-Gloss

Compared to satin finishes, semi-gloss paints are more resilient and sheen-rich. It is simple to clean and has a wonderful, soft shine that isn’t overly flashy. It makes gloomy spaces appear lighter and brighter thanks to their shiny surface. It works best on bathrooms and kitchens’ doors, trim, and cabinets.

As a glossy finish, however, it tends to draw attention rather than cover up defects and irregularities. Before painting, ensure that the walls are smooth because uneven surfaces can be seen when emphasized with semi-gloss paint.


Regarding coloring and look, matte and flat finishes are comparable. Yet a matte finish has improved durability, which makes it ideal for a broader range of uses. It also has a very tiny sheen and is slightly less reflective than a flat finish. This makes it ideal for concealing flaws because it absorbs light rather than reflecting it.

Matte paints should be saved for rooms you know you won’t need to clean as frequently, such as an adult bedroom. This is because it’s not as simple to maintain. It works well on ceilings as well.

Choosing the Right Sheen

Almost every finish will look good in your home or apartment space. But, the sheen element of paint influences its durability, color depth, and reflective value. Its ability to reflect or absorb light determines how it behaves. Choosing too bright paint can reflect too much light, while choosing one that is too flat can make the room look dreary. Additionally, paint ought to be strong enough for the surface and circumstance to endure throughout time.

Finding the ideal paint finish has the potential to change your room completely. Use this guide to help ensure you make the best choice for your space. Get assistance from a dependable expert at AB Painting and Drywall to ensure that the job is completed quickly and in high quality.