Expiring Paint Trends

We may expect to see some fresh styles this year. Although it’s cliche, 2022 provides the perfect opportunity for a fresh start. What’s the initial action? We are giving our homes a facelift by removing the layers of expiring trends from popular color fads that have run their course. Among the highlights are: The new gray is a warm neutral, and mismatched trim is more entertaining than perfectly matched pieces. If you need some additional motivation, continue reading.

The Current Paint Color Trends We Are Ready to Ditch

These are the latest paint color trends ready to be abandoned.

More and More Gray

The longer we progress into this decade, the more definitive the answer becomes to whether or not gray is finished. Yes. Instead, try painting your walls a warmer neutral like Sherwin-Williams’ Accessible Beige, PPG’s Oyster Shell, or Valspar’s Fired Earth to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Lack of Variation in Finish Color

There will no longer be uniformity in the room’s trim or paint color. Put your walls on the same footing as the room’s trim by painting them contrasting hues. It’s simple to put into practice: if your walls are white, choose a dark color that works well with the furniture and accessories, and vice versa.

Pure White

The color white is timeless and will continue to be popular. However, its various tones are subject to cyclical fashion. Diminutive variations of white have replaced their formerly ubiquitous predecessor. Some highly recommended options include Benjamin Moore Collector’s Item, Sherwin-Williams Shoji White, and Sherwin-Williams Alabaster.

Accent Walls

After two years of being at home together, what was once a bold declaration and topic of conversation has devolved into a mere diversion. Remove it this year and paint over it for homogenous walls, or if you’re not sure, try removable wallpaper.

Millennial Pink

As predicted, one of the Pantone Color of the Year 2016 choices, Rose Quartz, is on the way out. Lighter, more modern versions of the ever-nostalgic Barbie pink are replacing the muted tones of yesteryear. Examples of these newer colors include Clare Paint’s Meet Cute and PPG’s River Rouge.

How to Determine If Old Paint Is Still Useful

There are always at least a few paint cans lying about the house. Perhaps it’s the bright red paint you bought to be daring but ultimately decided against using. Alternatively, maybe you have a half-empty can of white color that you keep around for occasional touch-ups. You can do many things with old paint, but you might be wondering if it is still good to use. Follow these procedures to see whether your old paint may still be used to determine if your color is off.

Unopened Paint

The good news is that an unopened can of properly stored paint will still be usable. Water-based acrylic and latex paints have a ten-year shelf life, whereas oil-based and alkyd paints have a fifteen-year shelf life if unopened. Paint stored unopened for a long time is still usable because the liquid-to-semi-solid ratio is preserved. This ratio changes as soon as the container is opened and the air is introduced.

If you’re going to utilize paint from a can that’s more than a few years old, you must perform a small test first. Considering how long the paint has been sitting, it may have begun to split. The contents must be mixed for at least five minutes using a paint stirrer to ensure proper blending. Put some paint on a piece of cardboard, give it a good stir, and see how it looks. If the paint seems normal and spreads quickly, you can begin painting. If the color has developed lumps or grainy fragments that won’t dissolve with stirring, its chemical composition has altered and should be thrown out.

Opened Paint

Even if the paint can see that you want to use has been opened, there is still a chance that you can use it. Paint changes its chemical composition after being subjected to air for extended periods, which is one of the reasons why old paint is sometimes unusable. You will need to open the can and give the contents a good mix before determining whether or not yours is good to eat. Before doing that, you need to be sure that the layer of thicker skin on top has been removed. You may stir the paint and then try it out on some cardboard when all this has been removed. Your paint is good to use if it applies to the surface in the usual manner. In that case, you’ll need to make another visit to the paint store.

Exposed Paint to the Weather

If you have a can of paint stored on your back porch or in your garage for several years, there is a good chance that the paint is not in the ideal condition. This is because paint cannot withstand exposure to very hot or cold temperatures. Even containers that have been wholly sealed might not be able to withstand the weather in Canada. To be sure, it is a good idea to perform the paint test outlined earlier. Remember that you can use paint as long as it is smooth, but if it is lumpy and grainy, you will need to acquire a new can of paint.

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