Painting is a lot of work, and most people don’t look beyond choosing the right paint for their home interiors. However, the work doesn’t end here; you also have to choose the perfect finish for your paint job. Below are some things to consider.inside paint finishes

The Different Types of Paint Finishes

When determining the best paint finishes for your interior painting, the first thing you must do is understand the available options and their different applications.

• Flat finish – Also known as a wall finish, it has a completely matte surface and no shine. This finish has a slightly chalky feel to it, and it is a great choice for walls and ceilings. Its chalky feel makes it ideal for walls with bumps, cracks, and other imperfections you don’t want to be highlighted.
• Flat enamel or matte – This paint finish features a matte finish and forms a slight film as it dries. It’s an excellent choice for powder rooms and guest bedrooms as it can withstand occasional cleaning.
• Eggshell – This finish features the look of a low sheen eggshell with a slight shine or gloss. It is ideal for most walls and can hold up to cleaning.
• Satin – This finish has a smooth and velvety look and is often used for windows, ceilings, trims, and doors. It’s also great for walls in kitchens, kids’ rooms, corridors, and other rooms with a lot of traffic.
• Semi-gloss – This finish is popular for doors, cabinets, and trims. It is easy to clean and has a subtle shine that reflects light.
• High-gloss – This finish stands out because of its reflective quality. It offers a dramatic look, perfect for cabinets and furniture in contemporary settings. However, you must be careful with this finish because it highlights imperfections on a surface.

Consider the Durability and Cleanability of the Paint Finish

When choosing the best finishes for your interior painting, you should consider their cleanability and durability. Not all finishes have the same cleaning qualities. Some tend to get damaged by frequent cleaning. These are especially significant elements to consider if you choose finishes for high-traffic rooms, such as corridors and kitchens, or rooms that see constant water exposure, like bathrooms.

Factor In the Location of the Wall or Surface

The part of the house or the location of the wall or surface you wish to paint will also determine your choice. For instance, for bathroom and kitchen walls, you’ll need a finish that can withstand constant cleaning. On the other hand, for the ceiling or walls with slight imperfections, you’ll need a finish that tones down the flaws and not one that highlights them like glossy finishes.

Perhaps the most important tip for choosing paint finishes for your interior painting is grasping the different options and elements that set them apart. With this information, you can easily make the right choice. Remember to take your time when choosing the right finish as it will significantly influence the appearance of your interiors. If you need help choosing, reach out to us at AB Painting and Drywall.