As summer comes to a close, many people may think that their time to tackle home upgrade season is coming to a close too, but that doesn’t have to be true!

Most people put their home improvement projects aside until winter has passed and the spring and summer months have arrived, but by using the colder months that Colorado Springs has to offer to your advantage, you can get a head start and save yourself time in the long run. 

Unlike exterior painting, painting the interior of your Colorado Springs home can be done at any time of the year, in fact there are various advantages to investing in interior painting services during these upcoming cold winter months.

Here are 4 benefits of investing in interior painting during the fall & winter in Colorado Springs.

Quicker Turnarounds & Flexibility

Painting Services Colorado SpringsThe summer months are the busiest months for a painting contractor in Colorado Springs, most of their schedules are full with exterior painting jobs and other outdoor home improvement projects.

As less people look to spend their time on home improvement projects, such as interior painting services, painting companies end up having more time and much more flexibility to offer customers in the fall and winter months. By starting your painting services in the fall or winter, you can count on shorter wait times for your project and much more flexibility on the painting contractor to adjust their time to work wells for your schedule.

Additionally, with the sun rising earlier in the winter in Colorado Springs, painters can start on your work early and let you enjoy your quality time with family in the evening. 

Paint Will Dry Faster

Did you know that humidity can cause paint to dry slower? In fact, winter air is better than summer air for curing the paint in your home.

Although Colorado Springs is not humid in comparison to many other places in the world, painting the interior of your home during the fall & winter will help cure your paint faster than in the warmer months and will help your paint hold up.

Maximize Your Homes Value

The current Colorado Springs home market is buzzing with new homes and the competition is higher than ever before.

If you’re planning to sell your home, know that many other home sellers are also likely doing the same. Many home sellers wait until the spring time to enter the market, you can beat out other sellers and sell your home for more by giving your Colorado Springs home a fresh coat of interior paint. Not only can interior painting give your home a more neutral appearance great for any home buyer, it also has various benefits!

Don’t wait until every home seller in Colorado Springs is calling painting contractors in the area to get their home painted to sell, get your home’s interior painted during the fall & winter, enjoy the work and be ready to sell as soon as Spring comes around.

Enjoy Your Summer 

There are many home remodeling projects that can only be completed when the Colorado Springs weather is nice. However, by using your time wisely and completing projects such as interior painting during the fall & winter seasons, you will have more time to focus on all of the external remodel projects you want to accomplish during the summer, such as, exterior painting, deck staining/refinishing, fence staining, etc. 

Don’t spend all your time inside during the summer! You can maximize your summer by taking care of as much stuff during the colder months. Instead of trying to fit into a painting contractors schedule when they have various jobs to do, you can have fun, spend time with friends and family and enjoy the home you’ve already put work into.

Colorado Springs Interior Painting Services

If you need to get the inside of your Colorado Springs home painted, don’t wait, the fall and winter are the perfect time to check this off of your to-do list. 

Ready paint the interior of your Colorado Springs home? Schedule your free estimate with our AB Painting & Drywall team today and take advantage of the cooler weather. 

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