If you have been thinking about renovating your home in order to sell, the paint you choose for the exterior as well as the interior will help you seal the deal. The right selection can help you earn a higher return on your investment.

The Charm of Colors

Color has amazing qualities. It can make a small room appear bigger and brighter. It can evoke memories, change the perception of a space, and createhome paint colors inspiration. While a fresh coat of a light paint color like white, ivory, or fog gray can help expand a room, dark ones like red, brown, or purple bring in a cozy feeling by drawing the walls in. Then there are colors that create an optical illusion to affect one’s emotional response to the space as well. The choices are boundless.

Inspiration for Colors

For an explosion of colors, comb through fashion magazines and art books. Visit open houses and builders’ sheds. Look inside your own home. After you have a list of colors that appeal to you, choose one or more. Whatever color dominates the list is a good indication of what goes on the walls of your home.

Where to Start in Repainting Your Home

Are you wondering where to start in your next painting project? A good rule of thumb is to incorporate no more than three colors for the interior and no more than two colors for the exterior. You might also want to avoid a monochromatic color palette scheme. If you are using just one color, add interest with various shades, patterns, and texture. The stronger or darker colors should be used less. Choose a color that matches the curtain, cushion, or chair in the room or vice-versa. Let one color dominate the rest.

Best Type of House Paint to Use

The type of paint you use depends on the wall – how easy it is to clean and how well it can hold the paint. On broad walls, stick to eggshells or flat sheens in order to cover unevenness. Satin or semigloss paint can be used for doors and trim to make it easier to wipe off handprints and dust. Germs thrive around moisture in the bathroom, and dust and grime cling to the walls and accumulate in the kitchen. Any paint that isn’t easily washable should be out of the question, especially in the bathrooms and kitchen of your home.

Keep Colors Consistent

Once you have determined the color, you can begin to take steps to pull the entire paint project together. Remember, using more than two colors is just fine, but don’t go overboard with the intention of creating a style that suits your personality. Buyers prefer consistency, not an exhibition of your taste.

Quality Adds Value

High-quality paint adds value to the house making it attractive, and therefore, easier to sell. Additionally, use a professional painter for both exterior and interior paint jobs as this is one of those projects where you don’t want to take risks. To make your home everything you want it to be before the sale, it is important to learn, both about the process of painting as well as the professional you hire. The best approach can make all the difference between perfection and disaster.

AB Painting & Drywall Can Help with Your Next Project

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